Dr. Wagstrom Head Shot

Kristina Wagstrom on Oct. 13, 2016. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Principal Investigator
Eversource Energy Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering Education, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Associated Faculty, Environmental Engineering
University of Connecticut

B.S. Chemical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology (2004)
B.S. Chemistry, Illinois Institute of Technology (2004)
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University (2009)

Kristina’s Biography and CV 


Carmen Lamancusa

PhD Student, Chemical Engineering, University of Connecticut (2013 - current)

Expected Defense: Fall 2020


Yukui Li

PhD Student, Chemical Engineering, University of Connecticut (2018 - current)

Expected Defense: Spring 2022

Landon Bassett

MS Student, Chemical Engineering, University of Connecticut (2018 - current)

Expected defense: Fall 2020

Sharmin Akter

PhD Student, Environmental Engineering, University of Connecticut (2019 - current)

Expected Defense: Fall 2022

Britney Russell

PhD Student, Chemical Engineering, University of Connecticut (2019 - current)

Expected Defense: Spring 2023


Designing a highly portable particulate matter monitor: Ronald Cabello (2021)

Estimating the societal cost of residential heating options in New England: Peter Thomas (2021), Jon-Marc McGregor (2021)

Quantifying the damage to crops in the United States from elevated ozone levels: Thomas Pauly (2021)

Applying mechanism reduction techniques to atmospheric chemistry: Justyn Welsh (2021)

Quantifying environmental injustice over the last two decades: Danielle DelPiano (2021)

Developing an air monitoring drone: Danielle Gan (2021), Talha Bhatti (2021)

Air pollution monitoring Hartford: Natalia Holovyn (2021), Margaret Ducasse (2021)

Monitoring nitrogen deposition in Connecticut: Christopher Tang (2021), Arielle Behar (2021)

Comparing air pollution exposure at schools: Katyland Facas (Honors - 2021)

Societal cost of air pollution from airports and ports: Kamau Russell (2021), Trenessa Rioux (2021)

Honors project development: Cat Odendahl (Honors - 2022)

There are currently openings for undergraduate researchers in the CACE group. Please contact Dr. Wagstrom if you are interested in joining the group. Available projects can be viewed here.


PhD Thesis

Fatema Parvez (2018) Fine Scale Modeling to Estimate Human Exposure to Air Pollution

Masters Thesis

Michael Crowl (2017 – Project) Estimating Inter-Regional Influences on Pollutant Deposition

Kerry Chen (2016 –Thesis) Quantifying Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition to US Waterways

Honors Thesis

Brianna Mancuso (2020) Measuring Air Pollution at the Stamford Transportation Center

Luke Kinard (2019) Design of a Low-Cost Nitrogen Detection System

Anita Luxkaranayagam (Physiology and Neurobiology - 2019) Deposition of Nitrate, Sulfate, and Ammonium in the Respiratory Tract

Kyle Terracciano (2018) Designing and Calibrating a Low-Cost Gaseous Air Pollutant Monitor

Colby Buehler (2018) Assessing Herbicide Drift to the Spring Valley Student Farm and EcoGarden

Samantha Ramsay (2017) Evaluating Exercise Routes and Potential Pollutant Exposures

Undergraduate Alumni (with graduation year)

Naomi Adler (2015), Joshua Ambroise (2020), Erick Bailey (2018), Ela Chwatko (2020), Rachel Cristiano (2017), Jamie Crowl (2016), Caitlyn Cushman (2020), Evan Dall (2016), Tyler Deitelbaum (2022 - Biology), Evan Dennison (2020), Said Elbakhar (2019), Christopher Ennis (2019), Floraine Evardo (2022 - Biology), Julie Fabrykiewicz (2019), Daniel Fernandes (2020). Carlos Flores-Iselo (2018), Steven Frick (2016), Kate Gosselin (2020 - Environmental Engineering), Jessica Guerrera (2016), Timothy Haddon (2019), Arie Havasov (2015), Guanhua Hong (2020), Imran Husain (2019), Christopher Jablonka (2019), Bobbie James (2022), Audrey Karl (2020), Alex Keane (2018), Anne Keary (2020), Summer Kochersperger (2017), Natalie Krebs (2019), Kevin Lei (2018), Matthew Lewicki (2020), Anthony Mafale (2017), Brianna Mancuso (2020), Carmi Mandelkern (2018), Brianna Markunas (2020), Patrick Mascoli (2019), Adam Medina (2016), Gail Mitchell (2020), Patrick Mularzuk (2020), Soha Nadeem (2019), Andrea Naranjo-Soledad (2019), Juliette Nealon (2019), Christiana Nisco (2020), Nicolas Norberg (2019), Dana Parmalee (2018), Eben Prostak (2020) Ian Puckette (2019), Kathleen Rowland (2018), Sarah Rumsey (2019 - EEB), Elizabeth Sagers (2021), Jikku Samuels (2018), Maria Alejandra Sanchez (2016), Michael Schaefer (2020), Dominique Schiraldi (2020), Marc-Alexander Schwarze (2016), Samantha Segiet (2020), Annika Skov (2019), Katherine Urena Pimental (2018), Autumn Wagner (2020), Caressa Wakeman (2019), Kealy Walters (2018), Kexuan Wang (exchange), Kamil Wielechowski (2019), Joshua Woodruff (2016), Kevin Yang (2021)